Bodywork Services for Couples

The Comfort Club Session

($200 per hour, with a 2 hr minimum appointment – Where one partner receives an erotic massage while the other partner is present as an observer) * GST is not included in this price*

The comfort club session is geared to provide comfort to the person receiving an erotic massage. Many people feel braver to try new things in the erotic or sexual arena if their partner accompanies them. Sometimes the partner comes along to be a source of comfort or support. Other times the partner comes along because a joy shared is a joy doubled. The receiver may wish the partner to share in the experience simply by BEING there. Some partners like to be there so they can watch and learn.

Whatever your reason, you are most welcome to attend a one person bodywork session as a couple.


Expanding Your Repertoire: Teaching Module Sessions


Touch and Go session:

(when the receiver is comfortable with my touch)

In this session, I demonstrate the technique hands­on and the learner can watch and then follow, while the receiver provides feedback. This can be a powerful way to learn from both partners. The receiver can compare and contrast what they are receiving from two different providers, and the giver can receive support and feedback from both the receiver and myself. This is a great session if the receiver is being bold enough to try a new activity (e.g. receiving a yoni or prostate massage) – because they are assured of a professional offering for their first experience, they are sharing the experience with their partner present AND their partner is being taught how to repeat the offering at a later date. This kind of session is a safe way for both partners to journey outside of their comfort zones. Sharing a new sensual experience as a couple with a professional can offer safety and comfort to soften the anxious edges of trying something new and different.

Show through tell:

(receiver wants touch only from their partner)

In this session, I guide the learner to offer touch through verbal instruction. This method is preferred if the receiver is familiar with the activity being taught (a first-time receiver and giver with no hands on can be a bit trickier but I can offer verbal direction to the learner while the receiver provides the primary focus of feedback).


Teaching Module Options for Couples

If you are unsure of what kind of session you would like to have, I’ve compiled a beginning list of activity focused training that I can offer you. This is not an exhaustive list and your session does not have to be this focused. I also offer exploratory sessions, sessions that focus on communication skills (verbal and non­verbal) as well as techniques to help you get into your body more completely (which will heighten and magnify the pleasure you may feel). I can also offer intuitive, energy­based or tailor­made sessions based on your curiosity or needs. In the cases where we would design a session, one-half hour at the beginning of the session is required to clarify goals and objectives. I recommend a three-hour session to begin so that you can ease into the session and have a more complete and fulfilling experience.

  • Prostate massage
  • External anal massage (as a primer for people who are anal curious but not quite ready for digital penetration)
  • Prostate massage basics
  • Yoni healing massage
  • G spot massage
  • Lingam (Sanskrit for the male member) massage
  • Perineum and pelvic floor release
  • Genital massage for men (including perineum, testicles, lingam and external anal massage)
  • Nipple play
  • Acupressure arousal techniques
  • Energy Sensing Methods
  • Breathwork for Couples (how to align your energies in preparation for sexual exchange)