Bodywork Services for Men

Taoist Erotic Massage

90 minute session
120 minute session 
150 minute session

(All prices include GST)


I generally begin my sessions by inviting the client to engage in conscious breath work. This simple practice helps one to gain focus and go inward, into the body where they will be more attuned to and available to feel the pleasurable sensations to come.

Each session includes a 30 minute Taoist genital massage. This includes soft strokes and pressure point work. If you hold a lot of tension in your pelvis I may also incorporate some pelvic release and external anal massage to support relaxation.

While I honor those who wish their sessions to include a hand release as the session ends, I also encourage clients to consider a Taoist ending called the “Big Draw”. This involves a particular breathing practice that I will demonstrate early on in the session. Its purpose is to circulate the sexual energy throughout the body and will leave you feeling relaxed, yet energized.

Taoist retention practices have as their goal the preservation of qi, or life force. However, with practice you can also unleash the multi­-orgasmic potential available to all men so that you and your partner can extend the pleasure of your retention of life force or qi through non ejaculatory arousal. With practice, you can turn on your full body orgasm potential

For the overall body massage, I can offer you a range of pressures, from feather light erotic touch (and I do have feathers on hand) to deep tissue therapeutic massage.


Prostate Massage

90 minute prostate massage
120 minute prostate massage
150 minute prostate massage

( All prices include GST)




For those of you who have wanted to explore anal pleasure but have not much experience, this session could be just what you are looking for!

As Mae West says, “If something is worth doing, it is worth doing very, very slowly.”

This session is very slow moving and gentle. After some overall body massage I begin to focus on releasing tension from the low back, upper legs and pelvic girdle. Many of us unknowingly carry tension in this part of the body. I also do a fair amount of external anal massage, helping to relax the perineum, anus and first sphincter (this work comes from the sexological bodywork tradition).

If your body is inviting me I will perform a prostate massage through digital penetration. The majority of first timers are able to experience this stage of the massage, although there are rare exceptions where the body needs more time to relax and prepare. How far we go depends on the feedback you and your body give me.

I suggest a minimum 120 minute session if this is your first time experiencing anal play or prostate massage. Go large and up the bliss ante by booking a 2.5 or 3 hour session. It might sound like a long time to you now, but I guarantee you, this time will fly blissfully by, in what feels like mere minutes.

Arousal Mastery Technique

(90 min for $225 Cdn, 120 min for $300 Cdn, 150 mins for $350 Cdn)

This session is for men who want to extend their lovemaking endurance by gaining mastery over their arousal. I will teach you several simple practices (anal breath, pelvic floor exercises and a retention technique) that, if practiced, will not only increase your pleasure but also teach you how to make love for hours or, for as long as you wish. These techniques originate from the Taoist tradition and form part of the skill set found among multi­-orgasmic men.

For men who experience premature ejaculation, I recommend a 120 minute session to start, to ensure there is ample time to practice the skill several times in the session.

If you take this practice home and incorporate it into your masturbation or lovemaking sessions, the difference it can make will not only amaze you but also thrill your lover.

Learning to master your arousal (being able to choose when and if to ejaculate) ensures that you can stay in tune with the arousal of your partner so that you can build sexual momentum together. The more you can keep pace with your partner, the longer and more satisfying your lovemaking sessions can be. Arousal mastery means you can focus on savoring the sensual pleasure and staying connected emotionally to your lover, while building or slowing the arousal so you move at a pace out of conscious choice and control.

Consistent practice of this technique not only leads to a more sexually satisfying connection with your partner, but it can also intensify your orgasms and expand your orgasmic repertoire (with practice you can learn to have whole body orgasms in addition to the usual ejaculatory orgasms).

Intuitive Healing Sessions

( 90 mins for $225, 120 mins for $300,  180 mins for $400)

These sessions more consciously include as part of their enquiry addressing all levels of the energetic being that you are: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Together, we will co­-create a session based on what you bring forward (a limitation, intention, enquiry, desire or injury at the emotional, mental, physical or spiritual level. These sessions can include breath work, sensory awareness and somatic education, bodywork, crystals and healing energy work, and coaching. These sessions are about connecting to heart space and inner guidance, as expressed through body sensation, feelings, thoughts and energy flow. Each session is unique and begins with a 30 min intake/ assessment & session design. Enquire with me by phone or e-­mail if you are considering this kind of session so we can discuss ways to reach your goal.