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Yoni Asks…

Yoni’s voice is clear and constant and always reliable. She knows the Truth. The question is, Are you willing to listen? Are you willing to act on her Wisdom? When Yoni speaks, declares or advises and you do not act upon her wisdom, you have broken a sacred trust. The good news is that she ... Read More

Yoni Speaks…

I’m encouraged and grateful that my sexological practice has been focused on supporting women lately. These sessions remind me again and again that the YONI is a very powerful and sovereign energy! She, when invited to speak, has the most powerful things to say… She demands her guests honour her with loving intentions and actions. ... Read More

Yoni Warriors … are my kind of Goddess!

Goddesses are not for everyone. When workshops, books and the like have Goddess in their title, I always know it’s not for me. Not that I don’t like Goddesses, I do, but most Goddess workshops don’t include the Goddesses I tend to worship in my sexological bodywork practice­ Kali, Durga, Hecate. These Goddesses aren’t airbrushed ... Read More

Tools for Bliss – a 4 hr Playshop for Couples

This playshop is perfect for couples who want to ignite the passion in their sex life, learn some new erotic skills, discover new erogenous zones, and reconnect to their partner in an emotionally and physically rewarding way. You want to experience new forms of bliss in your sexual exchanges You want support to explore new ... Read More


Better indeed is knowledge than mechanical practice. Better than knowledge is meditation. But better still is surrender of attachment to results, because there follows immediate peace. ~ Bhagavad Gita Surrender, like gratitude, has an enormous effect on the quality of our experience. Allowing “what is” to just “BE” also invites into our experience a sense ... Read More


You may notice I use a number of terms that are not familiar everyday language. This post is to help clarify some of those terms and how I am applying them. Embodiment Embodiment, simply put, is about consciously living in our bodies. We all live in our bodies but many of us are not consciously ... Read More

Breath as a Portal

It is no accident that Breath in Latin is Spiritus, or in common parlance, Spirit. Conscious breathwork is, in both my experience and opinion, a portal to another realm of being and knowing. When I am consciously breathing I remember what peace, love and acceptance feel like. These are the things spirit speaks of. This ... Read More