Non-Erotic Bodywork Sessions

Touch and Talk (1.5 hr for $150)

For those of you who are a wee bit too shy to sign up for a hands­on erotic session on a first visit, you are always welcome to visit me for a non­erotic bodywork session first ( I will incorporate draping if you are concerned about full nudity). This is a good way to receive my touch in a non­scary way, and get a sense about whether I feel like the right practitioner for your needs. We can work the time in a few ways: 1 hr massage with ½ hr coaching consult (for those who prefer silent bodywork sessions) or we can start the session with a coaching, do some bodywork in silence, and take some time at the end to review the session. Or we could do
1.5 hr of touch with talk (coaching and somatic enquiry) at the same time. It’s up to you!


Boundary Setting with Bodywork: Reclaiming Yes! and No! in the body ( 1.5 hr for $150 or 2 hr for $200)

Most of us have not been taught how to communicate clearly within sexual exchanges and are awkward about both giving and receiving touch. This session will help you clarify in your sexual communication (verbal and non verbal) so that you can enhance and refine the sexual exchanges with your partner.

Learning to tune into Yes! and NO! in our bodies is a simple and powerful way to improve and reclaim your love life. These sessions will help you connect to your body’s language so you can rediscover when what happens when your body is saying NO or YES to sexual touch. Many of us have been taught at a young age to honor social cues which demand that we ignore our body cues (e.g. your parents insist that you hug the Aunt you don’t like). As we were socialized, many of us lost this valuable connection to honoring our body’s wisdom. This session will help you reclaim and reconnect to your embodied wisdom.

In addition to connecting to what your body likes or does not like, this session will help you translate what your body knows into language that will support and clarify for your lover how you like to be touched and stimulated. I will teach you a very simple practice that will help you state your YES and NOs so artfully that your lover will feel empowered and appreciated and eager to give you the touch you desire. You will learn how to provide empowering feedback and make requests for improvements as both a giver and receiver.