“That was the best erotic massage I’ve ever had! You certainly know what you are doing. So much pleasure and relaxation, it’s a wonder I don’t get addicted! And I’ve learned a lot of things I can try at home. Thanks Sue!”

~ J, runner


“This is a very belated thank you message given our coaching session was about two months ago now. I want to thank you for the information and wisdom you shared with me, and for your reassuring presence. While I am still learning, your information and coaching was extremely valuable to me, and I am very grateful to you for that. ~ M.V., female professional in her 30’s I am realizing more all the time, as things continue to unfold for me, how much I learned in our erotic bodywork session in March. Thank­you!”

~ Lisa


“First I want to thank you for being willing to venture into unknown territory with me. I know how scary that can be, and you proceeded like a champion! I think that trusting your instincts and being willing to enter into the shamanic sexual healing arena is definitely a calling for you. It has already proved some very startling results for me. First, during the session, you made me feel very safe and open in the most sensitive areas of my body/mind. Yes, I’m talking about the perineum and anus. I know that i have lots of stored emotion and energy there, and you were able to navigate that most masterfully. Even triggering just the right amount of pressure where I needed it most… to let go. And things have shifted for me. In my life. I love the idea of creating a specific intention and then using the session to allow that intention to unfold in the most magical ways. More opportunities have opened up for me in the last week, than I care to mention. Suffice it to say that I have cleared some old karmic/emotional baggage and am enjoying the first glimpses of a new life beyond the confines of my previously held limitations. And my new growth is all over the map. Yes, in abundance. Yes in love and intimacy. Yes in my work and purpose! Yes! Yes! Yes! lol. I feel so good, and so grateful to have experienced the kind of healing that you are capable of. I know you have an issue with that word ‘healing’, but that’s the word I’m going to use. Call it what you want. You have a gift, and I’m glad to be able to have enjoyed it. Ultimately, I know that we are all responsible for our own healing and transformation, and I take a certain pride in knowing that I have the power to do that, but I can’t do it alone… in a vacuum. I need the loving support of others such as yourself to provide that certain piece of the puzzle. Thank you for your piece! I have added it to the myriad of other pieces to create a kaleidoscope of being­ness and living­ness that will hopefully go on to enrich the rest of the world! Good work!!! 🙂 “

James Smith, nextlevelbodycare.com



“Sue, I just wanted to thank you for today. From the moment I walked into your place I felt comfortable. I just could not believe how completely relaxed I was with my nakedness in front of you. Thank you. Your special skills allowed me to experience sensations in my body I have never felt before. The pure pleasure of the tingling sensations in my hands and body are hard to describe. It was a special experience that I want to have again and soon. I will plan on making another appointment soon.”

Thank you again, Dan



“Sue, thank you for the amazing session. You taught me more about myself than I have ever experienced before. There were several areas that were most profound for me. It started with just realizing that pleasure is a gift and receiving pleasure is an absolute joy if it cannot be hindered. By allowing you to gently tease and massage me, allowed me to shed some issues like “am I pleasing my partner” rather than “wow, this feels fantastic”. I don’t think I ever fully gave into pleasure for pleasure’s sake. You helped me feel my body in a fuller sense and not just with my genitals. You helped me get in touch with my body in its wholeness rather than its “part­ness”. My entire experience has changed and my wife has gotten to enjoy the process of enjoying sensations apart from vagina/breasts attention. Also, the process of “playful teasing” is such a wonderful part of the journey of pleasure exploration, that it now has become a main part of our love­making. I somehow developed a notion that experiencing pleasure for myself was selfish. Now I realize that pleasure is a source of re­creation and that it is part of who I am. These are just a few of the thoughts that came to me. Your sessions were the catalyst for change!”

Thank­ you, Sue. ~ Thomas, Los Angeles.