Tools for Bliss – a 4 hr Playshop for Couples

This playshop is perfect for couples who want to ignite the passion in their sex life, learn some new erotic skills, discover new erogenous zones, and reconnect to their partner in an emotionally and physically rewarding way.

You want to experience new forms of bliss in your sexual exchanges

You want support to explore new territory and find new ways to access sexual bliss You want to make your sex life more arousing, meaningful and fun
Your libido is waning and you need something to get you excited about sex with your partner again

Your orgasms aren’t as exciting as they used to be, and the “old reliable” ways of getting off just don’t work like they used to but you are not sure (and maybe even a little nervous about) how to improve things

You do want to be the best lover ever for your partner but are unsure how to know what works best for them

You are craving certain kinds of touch and connection but don’t know how to ask for it ow you like but are unsure how to go about it

You want to bring spirit and soul back into your love life.

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