What to Expect in a Sex Coaching Session

Coaching sessions can be with hands-­on or hands-off, depending on your need and comfort level.

Hands­off Coaching Sessions

For hands­off coaching sessions you can expect the first session to be spent clarifying your goals and expectations for the coaching (intake) and developing a plan of action or options for moving forward. I will offer you an estimate of how many sessions you may need based on your request so you know what you might be spending to get the results you need.

For example, if you want to explore the g­spot but would prefer to learn on your own, I would most likely offer a three to five session package to suit your needs, depending on your starting point and current knowledge. I would ask alot of questions to assess your knowledge and offer you some homeplay assignments (it’s not really home work, right?) to get you started. Future sessions would begin with a debrief of the assignment, and would add to or refine the assignments to support guided exploration that evolves based on your experience. The sessions would include an overview of the anatomy, breathing and pelvic floor training, massage tips and using a pleasure map to keep track of your explorations. ( I anticipate a gspot webinar to be complete in spring of 2101 so watch for that if this is your area of interest)

Depending on the area of interest, assignments could include hands on exploration, writing, or shared explorations (if you are part of a couple). Likewise for those who appreciate guided conversation and exploration, I also offer the more traditional talk based coaching sessions. It’s up to you.


All of my sessions are held in strictest confidence. Your confidentiality and discretion is of my utmost concern. Know that I do not make phone calls or send e­mails to prior clients. I may record notes during our session, but your identity is not revealed in a way that could be compromising. If I see you outside of our sessions, you can rest assured I will not indicate in

any way that we know one another. If you choose,however, to initiate contact, I will leave the explanations (how we met or know one another) and introductions up to you.

Hands­on Coaching Sessions

For hands-­on coaching, you can expect to be partially nude, but only as far as your comfort allows. (I also offer draping if you are more comfortable this way). Couples often find that any discomfort they may feel can be reduced by having their partner there to witness and hold space. In the boundary setting sessions, the areas that will be engaged in touch are agreed upon before touch begins so that you can feel safe, secure and in control.