Yoni Asks…

Yoni’s voice is clear and constant and always reliable. She knows the Truth. The question is, Are you willing to listen? Are you willing to act on her Wisdom?

When Yoni speaks, declares or advises and you do not act upon her wisdom, you have broken a sacred trust. The good news is that she will forgive, she will wait to speak again until you are Truly ready to hear her Truth.

If you break this trust again and again, she will act in your interests to preserve you, to prevent you from choosing what may create further injury to your spirit. She holds no grudges. She stands in her danger and will usurp your power in order to protect you from yourself.

Many women who visit me for yoni healing become aware of how SHE has always been there, holding space, giving counsel, and standing up for you. Yoni has your highest interest at heart. She will close access to the sacred gateway if she believes your Spirit needs protection.

When women come to me with vaginismus and I ask them if know the energetic reason it is happening, most intuitively understand the cause, the purpose and the reason for it. Most times it is because the Yoni wants us to review, reflect or re­examine something. She is demanding a change in how we do sex, who we are being in sex and how we engage in sex with others. She is asking us to evolve and will hold court until we do. And if we ask why it is so, she will tell us.

Ask and she will tell.

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