Yoni Speaks…

I’m encouraged and grateful that my sexological practice has been focused on supporting women lately. These sessions remind me again and again that the YONI is a very powerful and sovereign energy! She, when invited to speak, has the most powerful things to say… She demands her guests honour her with loving intentions and actions. She has strong opinions about who and how the guests are invited. If she is not in support of the guests, she will lockdown and make entry impossible (in some cases through vaginismus) and she will induce pain on entry if she doubts the ability of the woman to claim and set clear boundaries herself.
Yoni knows what she wants and has no time or tolerance for feelings of shame, doubt or hesitation. Yoni, when consulted with respect, can help you heal any sexual shame, regret and fears.

I like to encourage women to develop a relationship of listening to HER… she is wise, strong, and extremely discerning about who gets access to her secret garden of love. She will also let you know when to say yes, when to say no and when to stand your ground in order to protect her sacred space. My experience of Yoni is that she is a warrior Goddess, a crone with wisdom of the ages, and she suffers no fools lightly (the warrior aspect of Durga comes to mind, as does the crone aspect of Hecate). She stands in her danger, and warms/extends her invitation only to those with an open heart and sacred intentions.

Women who get in touch with Her benefit greatly, be it for securing good boundaries and exercising discernment or for expanding their pleasure beyond their comfort zone. Yoni has so much to offer women who dare listen.

  • Book a three hour session and we will explore :
    How to set sexual boundaries that respect and honour your Soul,and feel “right” in your body,
    How to validate and authenticate your YES by practicing how to say NO to touch you do not want or like,
    How to let the BODY guide your actions, not your thoughts or beliefs about what you “should” allow in sexual exchanges,
    How to establish a respectful relationship with YONI
    How to listen to what YONI has to tell you,
    How to clear any trauma or transgressions from the past so you can move into the future with clarity, self­respect and discernment.

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