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Academically, I have a degree in social work and social policy (M.S.W.). I have worked in the area of health and healing since 1990.


I have been doing erotic bodywork since 2004. My training provides a varied base of knowledge including tantric, Thai, and Swedish massage, Trager bodywork, and Jin Shin Do acupressure. My greatest teachings, however, have also come through “listening with my hands” and being receptive to the feedback from the client’s body.

Tantra / Taoist Erotic Arts

I have been a student of Indian tantra and Taoist erotic arts since the late 1990’s but resonate most with the Taoist system perhaps because of its pragmatic health­-centred focus. I incorporate numerous Taoist techniques into my bodywork, in particular its use of breathwork to help move sexual and erotic energy throughout the body (e.g. the microcosmic circuit).The comfort club session is geared to provide comfort to the person receiving an erotic massage. Many people feel braver to try new things in the erotic or sexual arena if their partner accompanies them. 

Sexological Bodywork

In the fall of 2006 I completed a sexological bodywork certification program from the Institute of Advanced Studies in Human Sexuality, in San Francisco. This program affirmed my erotic bodywork skills (g-­spot, anal, yoni and Taoist erotic massage) as well as included explorations into theory, (e.g. core erotic themes), and clinical practice (how to collaborate with sex therapists and counsellors).

Energy Healing

In 2007 I began studying Reiki to help deepen my knowledge of energy work. Aside from stimulating and circulating energy in the body through Taoist methods, I felt a need to have a more comprehensive awareness of energy within its larger context – as a reflection of one’s emotional­ mental­ spiritual state. Energy blockages in the body are accompanied by disruptions in the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies and I wanted to understand this more fully. I completed Usui Reiki Level 1 in 2007, Level II in 2008 and have been a Reiki Master since July 2009. During my studies, I engaged in a daily practice of self-treatments in Reiki, breath work and meditation. Reiki has helped me intuit energy patterns and blockages in clients, and this training and practice have deepened my awareness of the emotional, mental, and spiritual connections behind the energy blockages I encounter. Combined with my sexological and Taoist training, this training enhances my ability to holistically address client needs.

Sabbatical / Spiritual Retreat

In 2010, I took a sabbatical from the erotic bodywork. I was being called to change my work so that I could more fully support the emotional and spiritual aspects of erotic growth for women in my practice. Rather than trying to “work it out” in a linear intellectual way, I put the work on hold and went into personal retreat. In that time, I expanded my breath work repertoire to include pranayama, Taoist and European somatic traditions (through students of Else Gindler). I built on my meditation practice to incorporate some Tibetan methods of meditation and spent more time in spiritual study, namely Buddhism and yoga philosophy and practice. From this inner work and reflection, I came to a deeper understanding of how the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies inform and connect, to one another. My appreciation of and experience in the body as a gateway to spiritual wisdom was strengthened at this time.


In 2010 I studied body­-based life coaching with Marlena Field in summer 2010 and began training in life coaching fundamentals with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in the fall. In 2013, I completed a certified ontological life coaching program with the Newfield Network. I received international certification as an Associate Certified Coach ( ACC) in 2014. In 2018 I achieved Professional Certified Coach status (PCC).

Life Coaching helps people make changes, transform perspectives and access their inner creativity and resourcefulness so they can live a fuller life. Body­-based or somatic coaching involves connecting mind­-body­-spirit as a tool to inform that work. This kind of coaching is especially well suited to support people wanting to make changes in their sex life, as it relies on incorporating body awareness as part of the coaching (there is no need for hands-­on touch!).

This kind of coaching is a brilliant model for women who want to explore ways to improve their sex life but are not comfortable receiving a hands­-on bodywork session. Body-­based coaching builds bridges between mind-­body and spirit – so that your erotic exploration can include and honour all aspects of your being.

So whether you want to talk coaching or hands­-on support and coaching related to sex or other aspects of your life, I can help you.

You can rely on me to provide high integrity, professionalism and superior  quality standards in all of my sessions.

Renewed Vision and Expanded Service

As you may see, my practice has expanded to include a broader range of services. The retreat time and study of that last few years has enhanced my ability to not only address the whole person in a session but to also offer different kinds of sessions, depending on the comfort level and need of the client.

Clients come to me to expand, explore or embody their erotic and sexual selves more fully, and erotic bodywork is not the only or best way to address their needs. I now feel more qualified and willing to address the whole person in that encounter:­ on, or off the massage table.

Coaching over the phone or in-person

I create a safe, compassionate space for you to explore and experiment so that you can transform areas of difficulty into places of curiosity and discovery. We can build on your strengths to stretch your comfort zone or explore areas of difficulty to find their gifts. The work may involve exploring your beliefs, feelings or fears around sex and intimacy. We may use breathing techniques, body mapping or sensory awareness as tools and guides for the exploration. I can also refer you to various materials supports and services that may better suit your needs.

Somatic education and sensory awareness sessions

These sessions focus on the playful exploration of your mind-­body­-spirit through a body­-based system of communication games and practices. At the end of this session, you will have a good idea of where your strengths lie in the area of erotic/sexual expression and intimacy, where you may be confronting blocks or limitations and ways you could move forward. You will have a sense of how to expand on the skills you have, move through areas of limitation or fear or explore new terrain in a way that feels safe. Links and associations between the body, the mind (thoughts and beliefs) and feelings will also be clearer, and I can offer you body-­based practices that you can continue at home or on your own.

Bodywork (non-­erotic) sessions

I can offer you a bodywork session as a way to, explore and practice breathwork, strengthen mind-­body connection through non-verbal contact, build comfort in touch-based communication and boundary setting and safely and slowly explore areas of discomfort (eg. I want to learn how to comfortably receive a touch on my breasts).
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