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How to Book an Appointment

Booking an Appointment

If you are interested in booking a session, it is advisable to send a request several days in advance either by email, text, or phone.

Email: bodyerotic@gmail.com

Phone/Text:  778-992-1550 

NOTE: If you want to talk or book a session within one day, be sure to leave a voicemail message at 778-992-1550 (texting is available but is not checked regularly).

If you have a question, you can expect a reply within three days.

Booking Deposit Fee Requirement

Once a session or consultation time and date has been established, a booking deposit is required to reserve your session.

All sessions require a 50% booking deposit to reserve the appointment.

You can pay the deposit through e-transfer or paypal (deposit by paypal costs an additional service fee of $5.00)

Once a deposit is paid, the remainder of the fee is to be paid in cash, in­ person.

Please note that a 50% deposit is required to reserve your spot. No exceptions.

Payment Options

In-Person appointments:

Once a deposit is paid, the remainder of the fee is to be paid in cash, in­ person.

Telephone/Zoom-based Coaching Services and Consultations:

For telephone-based coaching and consultations, full payment is required one hour before the booking, via email transfer or PayPal.

Note: PayPal fee is $5 more due to service charges.


Customers who cancel a session without proper notice (48 hours) will forfeit their deposit fee.

In the case of customers who cancel with the required notice, the deposit will be retained to apply to their next booking.

If you arrive for a session under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the session will be cancelled and your booking deposit will be forfeited. I will not work with anyone who is in a state of diminished consciousness or body awareness.

My space is feline friendly and incompatible with people who have allergies.

Hours of Operation (PST)

Accepting & returning calls:  9 am – 7 pm
In-Person Sessions (start times): 12 pm – 7 pm
Phone or Zoom-based sessions: 9 am – 9 pm

Office Hours are between 9 am and 7 pm PST. If you call during this time, I will return your call within four hours.

The Healing Space

My dedicated healing space is located in a single family dwelling in Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada (Vancouver Island).

The healing room is quiet and serene, and I work on a heated massage table. I have a shower available, and offer non-­scented body products.

**Please let me know ahead of time that you plan to have a shower so I can ensure there is sufficient transfer time between clients.**

I generally diffuse the room with aromatherapy so if you have a preferred scent, or a scent sensitivity, let me know in advance and I can prepare it to your liking. 

Be forewarned that my work space is feline-friendly and unsuitable for people with animal allergies.

One Way Touch ONLY

I perform all of my work fully clothed and all of my sessions are one way touch (from me to you). While I appreciate that many tantric practitioners use interactive work to support erotic communication, my work facilitates your communication with yourself, with your body and the erotic energy moving through it.

Put another way, my sessions focus on getting you “out of your mind” and “into your body”.

Many of us live most of our day in our minds and have forgotten what it feels like to listen to our body. As we tune out of our body we also limit the pleasure, knowledge and wisdom that the body has to share with us.

Likewise the shame attached to masturbation means that many of us only know what erotic energy feels like when we are with a partner. The attention we pay to reciprocating pleasure often means that we limit our ability to receive pleasure.

By keeping the session one way touch, you can focus on listening to your body and savoring the pleasure erotic energy has to offer. Moreover, by receiving erotic touch from another with no need to reciprocate, you have an opportunity to expand your erotic repertoire.